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Herbert Jacobs House I

Jacobs I exterior

Described as “the purest and most famous application of Wright’s Usonian concepts”, the first Jacobs House – there were actually two – (Designed and constructed for Herbert and Katherine Jacobs House in 1936-1937) was built in 1937. Located at 441 Toepfer Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin, Jacobs I is considered by most to be the first […]

John Pew House

Pew House

Just across the street from the northeast corner of the Blackhawk Country Club and tucked neatly into the woods on a narrow strip of land on the shores of Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin is the incredible, Wright-designed Pew House. It was built in 1940 for John and Ruth Pew by Wright’s Taliesin Fellowship. From […]

Van Tamelen House (1956)

Van Tamelen House mailbox

According to Wikipedia, Marshall Erdman (born Mausas Erdmanas on 29 September 1922, in Tverai, Lithuania) “emigrated to the United States at age 17” and, after high school, “studied architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.” After service in the Army Corps of Engineers during WW II (where he helped build the pontoon bridge at […]

Monona Terrace (1994)

Monona Terrace, Madison, WI

Frank Lloyd Wright, was never accused of being short on dreams and visions. From the smallest of homes to the largest of hotels and even entire cities, Wright was a master of design and was certainly far ahead of his time. One such design proposal was for a “dream civic center”. First envisioned in 1938 […]

Unitarian Meeting House (1947)

"Prow" of the Unitarian Meeting House

The Unitarian Meeting House is located in eastern Shorewood Hills and recognized as one of the most innovative examples of church architecture. The building is situated on a knoll (Wright would prefer “as part of the knoll”) located at the western edge of the University of Wisconsin: 900 University Bay Drive on what had once […]

Eugene Gilmore House (1908)

Eugene Gilmore House

In the University Heights Historic District, High up on a hill in Madison, Wisconsin and overlooking both the University of Wisconsin Madison Campus and Lake Mendota, is a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright design referred to as “The Airplane House”. A rather monolithic-looking structure, the home was commissioned by Eugene A. Gilmore, a law professor at […]