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Wright Sites in Texas

1950 – John Gillin House – 9400 Rockbrook Drive, Dallas, Texas
1954 – William Thaxton House – 12024 Tall Oaks, Houston, Texas
1955 – Kalita Humphreys Theater – 3636 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Dallas, Texas
1957 – Sterling Kinney House – Tascosa Road, Amarillo, Texas

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Architecture and home design have always fascinated me. As a young girl I enjoyed drawing floor plans, rearranging my parent’s furniture and playing with Lincoln Logs and Legos.  My passion has always been the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Since I have been old enough to drive a car, I have visited Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the Chicagoland area and attended the Wright Plus house walks. Now, as co-owners of Northern Sky Designs, my husband & I are able to combine our website design skills and FLW travels to bring you this website! Enjoy!

Yvonne Carpenter-Ross