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The Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona (1929)

Arizona Biltmore Hotel

A Collaboration Frank Lloyd Wright has surely influenced a great deal of designs in the world, and one of the few hotels in the world that can make that claim is the Arizona Biltmore. Designed by Albert Chase McArthur, a Harvard graduate who had studied under Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago from 1907 – 1909. […]

First Christian Church (1972)

First Christian Church exterior

Originally commissioned in 1949 by the Southwest Christian Seminary in Phoenix, Frank Lloyd Wright (then 82 years of age) was to design a Classical University. Complete with chapel and other structures, the campus would occupy eighty acres. His drawings were finished and made public in 1950. The Seminary however, ceased its operations and the university […]

Gammage Auditorium at ASU (1959)

Gammage Exterior

Gammage Auditorium is a Wright-designed building is named for Dr. Grady Gammage. He is the legendary ASU president who led Arizona State College’s victorious campaign in the state legislature for a name change to Arizona State University in 1958. Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium is considered by many to be the crowning jewel of ASU’s Tempe […]

Norman Lykes House (1959)

The Lykes House is currently for sale for $8,950,000.  View the listing on Zillow here. The Lykes House is an incredible design based on circles coming from a time very late in Frank Lloyd Wright’s life when had embraced the geometry of circles. The sketches for the house were the last to come from the […]

Harold Price, Sr. House (1954)


In 1952, Harold Price, Sr. had visited Wright at Taliesin West to discuss building a multi-story building in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The result was a commission to build the 19-story, 221-foot tall Price Tower. Not long thereafter – 1954 – the roughly 5,000 square foot Price Residence was built on nine acres along a hill just […]

Boomer Cottage (1953)


The Jorgine Boomer Cottage is adjacent to the Adelman property. Supposedly, the Adelmans and Boomers met at the nearby Biltmore Hotel and often played bridge together and sometimes with Mamie Eisenhower. Photo Credit: Yvonne Carpenter-Ross Location of the Boomer Cottage 5808 N. 30th Street, Phoenix, AZ Tours The Adelman House and the Boomer Cottage are […]

Pieper House (1952)

Pieper House exterior

The Pieper House is a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. It was built in 1952 for the Pieper family, and is one of the few Wright houses that is not oriented to the street. Instead, it is angled to face Taliesin, Wright’s home and studio complex several miles away. Arthur Pieper […]

David & Gladys Wright House (1951)

David Wright House at night

Interestingly, David Wright was a sales rep for a concrete block company. The house his father designed for him is built with curved concrete block, as opposed to the wood that father Frank had envisioned. It does have wooden soffits and window frames and the roof is metal. Philippine mahogany was used for the ceilings, […]

Benjamin Adelman House (1950)

Adelman House exterior

The Benjamin Adelman House was constructed circa 1952 from a design Wright had done in the 1940s. The original floor plan called for a 700 square-foot main house with living and dining space, workspace, master bedroom, and bath, and a 500 square foot guest house behind the main house that contained two bedrooms, two baths […]

Raymond Carlson House (1950)

Carlson House exterior

The Raymond Carlson House is located not far from the First Christian Church. Fortunately, the address given was correct. In many cases, some due diligence and much patience must be applied in order to locate a particular Wright property. In this case, the location was a major disappointment. Unfortunately, trees and a significant wall hid […]