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Harold Price, Sr. House (1954)


In 1952, Harold Price, Sr. had visited Wright at Taliesin West to discuss building a multi-story building in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The result was a commission to build the 19-story, 221-foot tall Price Tower. Not long thereafter – 1954 – the roughly 5,000 square foot Price Residence was built on nine acres along a hill just off of Tatum Drive in Paradise Valley.

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Sprawling what seems to be a football field in length, the residence boasts ten rooms! Included are five master bedrooms and two servant’s bedrooms — all with their own baths. An open-air atrium is surrounded by a living room and kitchen. The bedroom wings are on either end of the building. Interestingly, the atrium incorporates a unique design that allows the roof to “float” above the walls on steel pylons. This allows for breezes to flow through the gap in-between. In addition, a skylight illuminates a fountain in the atrium. The concrete block in the walls is more reminiscent of that used in today’s construction, rather than that used by Wright in earlier designs.

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The Price House is privately owned but is occasionally open for tours. Contact info@pricehousefoundation.org for more information.

Please respect the owners’ privacy and do not trespass on the property.


7211 North Tatum Blvd, Paradise Valley, AZ

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