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Benjamin Adelman House (1950)

Adelman House exterior

The Benjamin Adelman House was constructed circa 1952 from a design Wright had done in the 1940s. The original floor plan called for a 700 square-foot main house with living and dining space, workspace, master bedroom, and bath, and a 500 square foot guest house behind the main house that contained two bedrooms, two baths and a sitting room with a fireplace. The home was built by local Native Americans for the Milwaukee, Wisconsin businessman as a winter residence at a cost of $25,000.  It sold in 2002 for 1.2 million dollars. Of course by this time, it had undergone extensive renovation and change: square footage has now increased to over 3360 square feet.

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Adelman gate
Photo Credit: Yvonne Carpenter-Ross, Frank Lloyd Wright Sites

Usonian Automatic

The Adelman House is unique in that it was a variation of Wright’s Usonian theme (called a Usonian Automatic) and featured a carport — Wright’s own invention. The structure consists of blocks molded on-site that were knit together into a grid by the use of rebar that ran down groves in the sides of the blocks.

Adelman plaque

It has a great look to it and the new owners seem to be taking really good care of it!


5802 North 30th Street, Phoenix, AZ

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The Adelman House and the Boomer Cottage are located on the same street. Both homes are privately owned and not available for tours.

Please respect the owners’ right to privacy and do not trespass on the property.

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