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Taliesin rock wall

Our chosen tour at Taliesin — the Highlights Tour — consisted of two (very quickly passing) hours, first inside the original architectural school with its huge assembly Hall, and then to Taliesin itself, where we were awed by Wright’s Personal Studio. The tour was devoted to exactly twenty visitors, curious about the architect and where […]

SC Johnson Research Tower (1936)

Touring the SC Johnson Research Tower is like taking a giant step back in time… for several reasons. The tour takes you back to the age of test tubes, scales, gas ports and hand-written notes – giving one a real feel for what it might have been like to work in a 1950’s research laboratory. […]

SC Johnson Administration Building

SC Johnson

Of the many Frank Lloyd Wright structures that grace the National Register of Historic places, two very special buildings that signify a relationship between the architect and a corporate leader occupy prominent places on that list. That relationship began in 1935 and continues to this day. The Best in the World In 1936, construction was […]

Monona Terrace (1994)

Monona Terrace, Madison, WI

Frank Lloyd Wright, was never accused of being short on dreams and visions. From the smallest of homes to the largest of hotels and even entire cities, Wright was a master of design and was certainly far ahead of his time. One such design proposal was for a “dream civic center”. First envisioned in 1938 […]

Unitarian Meeting House (1947)

"Prow" of the Unitarian Meeting House

The Unitarian Meeting House is located in eastern Shorewood Hills and recognized as one of the most innovative examples of church architecture. The building is situated on a knoll (Wright would prefer “as part of the knoll”) located at the western edge of the University of Wisconsin: 900 University Bay Drive on what had once […]