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Laurent House in Rockford, IL (1949)

Laurent House exterior

The Laurents Born Feb. 19, 1919, in McHenry County, Illinois to John P. and Elsie (Olsen) Laurent, Kenneth H. Laurent is a study in perseverance. After graduating from Belvedere High School, he moved to Rockford, Illinois in 1937 where he worked as a statistician for National Lock Corporation for forty-one years (his father also worked […]

Robert Winn House (1948)

The Robert D. Winn House, designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, stands as a gem of mid-century modern architecture in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is one of four Wright-designed houses built in the area known as “Parkwyn Village.” The design incorporates Wright’s signature elements like horizontal planes and cantilevered structures. The house also features a […]

The Stanley Rosenbaum House (1939)

Rosenbaum House at night

Classic Usonian Frank Lloyd Wright designed a single home in Alabama. It was one of his classic Usonian homes which was designed in 1939 for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum and referred to as one of the “purest examples of Wright’s unique style.” The Rosenbaum House is constructed of cypress, glass and brick, the original house […]

Herbert Jacobs House I

Jacobs I exterior

Described as “the purest and most famous application of Wright’s Usonian concepts”, the first Jacobs House – there were actually two – (Designed and constructed for Herbert and Katherine Jacobs House in 1936-1937) was built in 1937. Located at 441 Toepfer Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin, Jacobs I is considered by most to be the first […]

Johnson-Boyd House

Boyd House exterior

The Johnson-Boyd House or Keland house was listed for sale in September of 2022 for sale for $725,000.  It recently sold for $300K above its asking price! View the listing on Zillow here. Of Herbert Fisk Johnson’s two children, only daughter Karen truly loved the house that Frank Lloyd Wright had designed for her father; […]

S.P. “Pearl” Elam House (1951)

There are 13 Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Minnesota. One of those is the design built for S.P. “Pearl” Elam. Mr. Elam operated a jewelry store from 1933 to 1974 and lived in the home until 1959. The Elam House is located on a piece of property that – like many of Wright’s designs – […]

Samara – John E. Christian House

Samara exterior

In the early 1950s, at the request John and Catherine “Kay” Christian, Frank Lloyd Wright paid a visit to a property near Lafayette, Indiana where the Christians had decided they wanted him to build them a dream home. During the visit, Wright observed a samara from a pine cone he spotted there. The winged seed […]

Walter Boat House (1948)

Walter River Pavilion

The tour guide didn’t accompany us, but encouraged us to walk down to the boat house designed by Wright to hold Lowell Walter’s boat. It was hard to try to picture something like this in 1950; it is nicer than a number of boat houses that I have seen today. Complete with rails and an […]

Seth Peterson Cottage

Seth Peterson Cottage in Fall

One of the very last Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structures ever to be built, the Seth Peterson cottage was another example of Wright’s Usonian homes, commissioned in 1958 by Seth Peterson while Wright was finishing work on the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York — a project that occupied some sixteen years of Wright’s life. […]

Van Tamelen House (1956)

Van Tamelen House mailbox

According to Wikipedia, Marshall Erdman (born Mausas Erdmanas on 29 September 1922, in Tverai, Lithuania) “emigrated to the United States at age 17” and, after high school, “studied architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.” After service in the Army Corps of Engineers during WW II (where he helped build the pontoon bridge at […]