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Westhope (1929)


Richard Lloyd Jones was a prominent journalist and publisher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was the founder and publisher of the Tulsa Tribune, and he was also a successful businessman and investor. In 1929, Jones commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design a house for him and his wife, Georgia. The house, which was named Westhope, was […]

Samuel & Dorothy Eppstein House (1949)

Windows of Eppstein House

The Eppstein House is currently offered for sale with the Pratt House and is priced at $4,500,000. You can view the property listing here. In the mid- to late-1940s, a group of a dozen scientists, then working in research labs the for Upjohn Company, got together and decided that they wanted houses that they could […]

La Miniatura (1923)

la miniatura

La Miniatura, also known as the Millard House, is a textile block house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1923 in Pasadena, California. It is one of Wright’s most famous and innovative works, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (This page may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure about […]

Storer House (1923)

storer house

The Storer House is a Frank Lloyd Wright house in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles built in 1923. The structure is noteworthy as one of the four Mayan Revival style textile-block houses built by Wright in the Los Angeles area from 1922 to 1924. The house was commissioned by Dr. John Storer, a homeopathic […]

Freeman House (1923)

samuel freeman house exterior

The Samuel Freeman House, perched in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, is a unique example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s experimentation with textile block houses. Built in 1923, the house utilizes over 12,000 cast concrete blocks, textured with pre-Columbian designs, to create a unified look both inside and out. Wright’s design cleverly utilizes the slope […]

Benjamin Adelman House (1950)

Adelman House exterior

The Benjamin Adelman House was constructed circa 1952 from a design Wright had done in the 1940s. The original floor plan called for a 700 square-foot main house with living and dining space, workspace, master bedroom, and bath, and a 500 square foot guest house behind the main house that contained two bedrooms, two baths […]

The Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona (1929)

Arizona Biltmore Hotel

A Collaboration Frank Lloyd Wright has surely influenced a great deal of designs in the world, and one of the few hotels in the world that can make that claim is the Arizona Biltmore. Designed by Albert Chase McArthur, a Harvard graduate who had studied under Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago from 1907 – 1909. […]