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Unitarian Meeting House (1947)

"Prow" of the Unitarian Meeting House

The Unitarian Meeting House is located in eastern Shorewood Hills and recognized as one of the most innovative examples of church architecture. The building is situated on a knoll (Wright would prefer “as part of the knoll”) located at the western edge of the University of Wisconsin: 900 University Bay Drive on what had once […]

Unity Temple (1906)

Unity Temple

Photo Credit: “Unity Temple” by Teemu008 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. During the very late 1800s, Frank Lloyd Wright became increasingly innovative in terms of his architectural style; this period was the beginning of what came to be known as Wright’s Prairie style. Inspired by the low and mostly flat landscape of the Midwest, the Prairie style home, […]

Pettit Memorial Chapel (1906)

Petit Memorial Chapel and sign

On a recent trek to Rockford, Illinois to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home of Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent, we took a short detour in order to stop at the Belvidere Cemetery. Since 1847 the cemetery has served Belvidere and the surrounding area; there are former U.S. Congressmen, Civil War Generals and sports stars buried […]

First Christian Church (1972)

First Christian Church exterior

Originally commissioned in 1949 by the Southwest Christian Seminary in Phoenix, Frank Lloyd Wright (then 82 years of age) was to design a Classical University. Complete with chapel and other structures, the campus would occupy eighty acres. His drawings were finished and made public in 1950. The Seminary however, ceased its operations and the university […]