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The Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona (1929)

Arizona Biltmore Hotel

A Collaboration Frank Lloyd Wright has surely influenced a great deal of designs in the world, and one of the few hotels in the world that can make that claim is the Arizona Biltmore. Designed by Albert Chase McArthur, a Harvard graduate who had studied under Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago from 1907 – 1909. […]

Amberg House (1910)

amberg house

The Amberg House is a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was built in 1911 for David M. Amberg, a prosperous liquor wholesaler. The house is considered a landmark of Prairie School architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house is a one-story, T-shaped structure with […]

Cornwell House (1995)


The Cornwell House was originally designed for the Cornwell family of Pennsylvania in 1954. The home was built in 1995 in Hawaii using Wright’s original plans for a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom passive solar hemicycle structure. This page may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure about affiliate links here. Rent the Cornwell House The Cornwell […]

S.P. “Pearl” Elam House (1951)

There are 13 Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Minnesota. One of those is the design built for S.P. “Pearl” Elam. Mr. Elam operated a jewelry store from 1933 to 1974 and lived in the home until 1959. The Elam House is located on a piece of property that – like many of Wright’s designs – […]

Davis House “Woodside” (1955)

Davis House exterior

For those of us who like Wright’s Usonian architecture, a gorgeous example of such a structure is to be found in a neighborhood located in the 1945-platted Shady Hills neighborhood. Built in 1955 – with a 1960 addition – it is called “Woodside”, a name given to the design by Wright. The design is one […]


stoneflower exterior

Stoneflower is a small weekend cottage in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, designed by E. Fay Jones in 1965. The cottage is a single-story structure with a large stone base and a wooden upper level. The stone base is divided into two sections: a lower level that is partially below ground and an upper level […]

Seth Peterson Cottage

Seth Peterson Cottage in Fall

One of the very last Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structures ever to be built, the Seth Peterson cottage was another example of Wright’s Usonian homes, commissioned in 1958 by Seth Peterson while Wright was finishing work on the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York — a project that occupied some sixteen years of Wright’s life. […]

Bernard Schwartz House (1939)


TOUR STILL BEND The Schwartz House is open for tour on specific days throughout the year. Most tours start at 2 pm and last for one hour. Reservations are required and tickets can be purchased online at stillbend.com RENT THE SCHWARTZ HOUSE The Schwartz House can be rented for overnight stays or for hosting an […]

Gordon House (1957)

Gordon House exterior

“Frank Lloyd Wright designed well over 1,000 homes and buildings throughout his illustrious career, but only one of those structures was built in the State of Oregon: The Gordon House. Commissioned by Conrad and Evelyn Gordon, the 88-year-old Wright designed the home in his Usonian style in 1957 for the couple’s sprawling farmland acreage that […]

Price Tower (1952)

Price Tower

The Price Tower is a 19-story, 221-foot tall skyscraper in Bartlesville, Oklahoma that was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and completed in 1956. The building was originally designed in 1929 as a cluster of apartments for New York City, but that plan didn’t come to fruition.  Price wanted to build a building that would […]