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Davis House “Woodside” (1955)

Davis House exterior

For those of us who like Wright’s Usonian architecture, a gorgeous example of such a structure is to be found in a neighborhood located in the 1945-platted Shady Hills neighborhood. Built in 1955 – with a 1960 addition – it is called “Woodside”, a name given to the design by Wright. The design is one that was brought back to life from an unbuilt project in Lake Tahoe, California in 1922, some three decades prior.

Photo Credit: By User:Jaydec – I created this work entirely by myself., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15207429


Stay the Night

This 5-bedroom Wright-designed home would make a great getaway to stay with family and/or friends! It is available to rent for overnight stays through VRBO.

Native Inspiration

Typical of a number of Wright designs, the Woodside incorporated large fireplaces, painted concrete block, and hot water heating coils in the concrete floor. An interesting feature of the design is the 40-foot tall apex of the home and built around the fireplace chimney and “inspired by the geometry of Sioux teepees

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