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Robert Winn House (1948)

The Robert D. Winn House, designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, stands as a gem of mid-century modern architecture in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is one of four Wright-designed houses built in the area known as “Parkwyn Village.” The design incorporates Wright’s signature elements like horizontal planes and cantilevered structures. The house also features a […]

Hickox House (1900)

Hickox House

Built in 1900, this house is one of two homes built in Kankakee by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Bradley House, located next door to the Hickox House, is open for tours. (This page may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure about affiliate links here.)   Tours The Hickox home is privately owned, but the Bradley […]

Westhope (1929)


Richard Lloyd Jones was a prominent journalist and publisher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was the founder and publisher of the Tulsa Tribune, and he was also a successful businessman and investor. In 1929, Jones commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design a house for him and his wife, Georgia. The house, which was named Westhope, was […]

Eric & Pat Pratt House (1948)

Eric Pratt House exterior

The Eric and Pat Pratt House in Galesburg, Michigan is a single-story, Usonian I-style home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1948. It is one of the five Wright-designed homes in The Acres, a community of homes built in the early 1950s on a 72-acre plot of land. Other Wright-designed homes in The Acres include […]

Samuel & Dorothy Eppstein House (1949)

Windows of Eppstein House

The Eppstein House is currently offered for sale with the Pratt House and is priced at $4,500,000. You can view the property listing here. In the mid- to late-1940s, a group of a dozen scientists, then working in research labs the for Upjohn Company, got together and decided that they wanted houses that they could […]

Norman Lykes House (1959)

The Lykes House is currently for sale for $8,950,000.  View the listing on Zillow here. The Lykes House is an incredible design based on circles coming from a time very late in Frank Lloyd Wright’s life when had embraced the geometry of circles. The sketches for the house were the last to come from the […]

Randall Fawcett House (1955)

Fawcett House detail

The Randall Fawcett House is currently for sale for $4,250,000.  View the listing and 52 stunning photos on Zillow here. Photo Credit: “Fawcett House Detail” by David Gallagher is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. Room to Breathe The Fawcett House is a beautiful, sprawling Usonian home located in California’s central valley with plenty of room to breathe. It […]

The Boulter House in Cincinatti, Ohio (1954)

Boulter House

Tucked away in Cincinnati’s Clifton neighborhood sits a remarkable example of mid-century modern design – the Boulter House. Designed by the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1954, this 2,500-square-foot Usonian home is a masterpiece of Wright’s signature style. (This page may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure about affiliate links here.) The two-story structure, […]

McCartney House (1949)

parkwyn sign

Frank Lloyd Wright’s McCartney House, nestled in Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Parkwyn Village, stands as a testament to the architect’s innovative Usonian home design. Built in 1949 for Ward and Helen McCartney, the house embodies Wright’s vision of blurring the lines between nature and interior living. (This page may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure about affiliate […]