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Arizona Biltmore Hotel

Tour the Arizona Biltmore

Guided tours are offered at the Biltmore on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10am.  You can expect most tours to last about 1- 1/2 hours.  There is also a Happy Hour History Tour on Friday evenings.  Note: There may be a fee for the tour if you are not a registered guest of the hotel. 

Stay at the Arizona Biltmore

The Arizona Biltmore is now a Waldorf Astoria Resort (owned by HIlton).  The resort is located on 39 acres and offers luxurious accomodations among 8 pools, lush gardens, gourmet restaurants and other top-notch amenities.  It's centrally located if you are thinking of exploring someof  the Wright-designed buildings in the Phoenix Metro area.  Click here to check availability and rates at the Arizona Biltmore.The Arizona Biltmore

History of the Biltmore

Frank Lloyd Wright has surely influenced a great deal of structural design in the world, but the only existing hotel in the world that can make that claim is the Arizona Biltmore. Designed by Albert Chase McArthur, a Harvard graduate who had studied under Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago from 1907 - 1909, the hotel was was crowned "The Jewel of the Desert". It has been an Arizona landmark since its opening on Feb. 23, 1929.

Wright always had a penchant for using indigenous materials in his projects. Pre-cast concrete "Biltmore Blocks" that were designed by McArthur and molded on-site were the "Wright stuff" used in the construction of the Biltmore Hotel. And much like the Frank Lloyd Wright designs that always included some sort of geometric pattern incorporated throughout a project, the Biltmore Blocks feature a pattern too; it is said to represent the refraction of light... rather perfect and definitely "Wrightian" for the surrounding environs. In fact, Wright spent four months in 1928 doing on-site consulting relating to the masonry unit "Textile Block" construction, similar to a unit block design he had used on several buildings in Los Angeles six years earlier.

Typical of Wright's style are the balcony and geometric massing of the lobby. Other notable features include the largest gold-leaf ceiling in the world (in the lobby) and a roof constructed of an incredible 32,500 pounds of copper!

Biltmore lobby

A Phoenix based development firm purchased the resort in 1992 and began a $50 million project, completed in January of 1996 that completely renovated the building. The resulting makeover salutes Wright with guest rooms and suites that feature desert colors, mission-style furnishings and 1930's style lamps.

Attracting celebrities and dignitaries from around the world -- Irving Berlin supposedly penned "White Christmas" while sitting beside the original swimming pool -- the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa has raised the bar to a new height when it comes to elegance and style; it has been apparent that the new owners have been committed to preserving the architectural integrity of the Wright-influenced design. Perhaps proper homage was finally paid when, in July, 2003, the Frank Lloyd Wright Ballroom was opened at what is now the largest resort in Arizona. 

Biltmore entrance

Location of the Arizona Biltmore

2400 East Missouri Avenue, Phoenix


Garden Sprites at the Biltmore

In 1973 there was a fire in the Arizona Biltmore. This saguaro catcus graphic (below) was selected from the Frank Lloyd Wright Archive to be rendered in stained glass in the reconstructed foyer.


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