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Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio (1889)

Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio
2007 Wright Plus Housewalk - Photo Credit: Yvonne Carpenter-Ross

A hulking, massive and somewhat odd structure that seems almost cobbled together from large geometric shapes, the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio really represents what might be considered a testing ground for Wright’s inventive and imaginative genius that was developed over a period of some twenty years in his early career. This was the “birthplace” of the Prairie Style that so delighted Wright’s clients and many others as well.


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The Wright Place to Build

In 1889, Louis Sullivan, of Sullivan and Adler — his employers at the time — loaned Wright the money to buy a lot and build a home in Oak Park for himself and his bride to be, Catherine Tobin. Wright’s architectural practice opened here somewhere between 1893 and 1898, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Horizontal lines...scattered vases filled with leaves and wild flowers, massive fireplaces seemed to be everywhere. Here and there a Yourdes [rug] of rare beauty covered the floor. A Persian lantern, samovars, windows which met and turned corners, lights filtering through fret-sawn ceiling grilles, sunshine and shadows...these made the house that was our home.

Wright's Oak Park studio

Geometry was always one of the strongest principles in Wright’s architectural career and in his Home and Studio, applications and examples of it are abundant, more so than can be adequately described here. The integration of intricate design details, centrally-located fireplaces, geometry, roofs of long overhang, along with landscape that complimented the design of the structure — and vice versa — which began here in Oak Park, became hallmarks of Wright designs; in this home and studio he designed approximately 125 buildings in only eleven years.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s son John Lloyd Wright is credited with inventing and patenting Lincoln Logs. Walter Pratt Beachy was a partner with John in the Red Square Company.

Construction & Unique Features

  • urn in front of studio
    Near the entrance to Wright’s studio – Photo by Yvonne Carpenter-Ross
    Original home built in 1889
  • Playroom addition in 1895
  • Studio addition in 1898
  • Garage addition in 1911
  • Master bedroom and playroom murals painted by Orlando Giannini
  • Sculptures (The Boulder and Stork columns) by Richard Bock


The Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio is located at 951 Chicago Avenue, in Oak Park, Illinois. The property is on the corner of Chicago Ave & Forest Ave. The studio faces the busier Chicago Ave and the house faces the more residential street of Forest Ave. 


The Home and Studio offers guided tours that take visitors through the intimate spaces where Wright and his family lived. You’ll have the opportunity to see original Wright-designed furniture, textiles, and architectural details.

For a more immersive experience, consider the Inside and Out Tour. This option combines a guided tour of the Home and Studio with a self-guided audio walking tour of the surrounding Historic District. You can explore other Wright-designed homes in the neighborhood at your own pace.

Advance ticket purchase is highly recommended as tours often sell out. Be sure to check the official website for tour availability and pricing.

Wright Plus

The Wright Plus Housewalk is an annual event (usually in May) that offers a unique opportunity to explore the architectural treasures of Oak Park, Illinois. This celebrated event features guided tours of private homes and public buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his contemporaries.

Illinois’ Frank Lloyd Wright Trail

Wright’s Home and Studio is one of the 13 Wright-designed buildings in Illinois that make up the Illinois’ Frank Lloyd Wright Trail

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