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Charnley-Persky House (1892)

James Charnley House

The Charnley-Persky House was designed by Louis Sullivan but we’ve included it on this website because of Sullivan’s influence on Wright and Wright was a junior draftsman for Sullivan at the time. The houses is also part of the Illinois Frank Lloyd Wright Trail. There is also a Louis Sullivan designed home located near Wright’s […]

Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio (1889)

Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio

A hulking, massive and somewhat odd structure that seems almost cobbled together from large geometric shapes, the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio really represents what might be considered a testing ground for Wright’s inventive and imaginative genius that was developed over a period of some twenty years in his early career. This was the […]

Emil Bach House (1915)

Emil Bach House

The Emil Bach House is a Prairie style house in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, United States that was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The house was built in 1915 for an admirer of Wright’s work, Emil Bach, the co-owner of the Bach Brick Company. The Bach House is one of the […]

Robie House (1909)

Robie House

Of the approximately 500 structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, about 400 of them were actually built. Of that number, the state of Illinois contains more than any other state in the Union. And the majority of those buildings are located in either Chicago or Oak Park, with a number of others in the northern […]

Fabyan Villa

Fabyan Villa

It is incredibly easy to drive either in to or out of Geneva along Route 31 without ever really noticing the stately but aging and decaying flagstone wall that runs for several hundred yards along the east side of the road just south of town, let alone take a moment or two to ponder what […]

Unity Temple (1906)

Unity Temple

Photo Credit: “Unity Temple” by Teemu008 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. During the very late 1800s, Frank Lloyd Wright became increasingly innovative in terms of his architectural style; this period was the beginning of what came to be known as Wright’s Prairie style. Inspired by the low and mostly flat landscape of the Midwest, the Prairie style home, […]

Pettit Memorial Chapel (1906)

Petit Memorial Chapel and sign

On a recent trek to Rockford, Illinois to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home of Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent, we took a short detour in order to stop at the Belvidere Cemetery. Since 1847 the cemetery has served Belvidere and the surrounding area; there are former U.S. Congressmen, Civil War Generals and sports stars buried […]

The Rookery (1905)

Originally constructed in 1888, the Rookery Office Building is the oldest remaining high-rise in Chicago and was built by Daniel H. Burnham & J. W. Root. It’s name probably came from the previous building on this site which was an old city hall and was a favorite roosting spot of pigeons. The lobby was remodeled […]

Bradley House (1900)

Bradley House

The world is filled with ironies; one of the strangest being a little known fact that I ran across this morning while researching this story: when former Illinois Governor George Ryan placed a moratorium on executions and commuted all death sentences to life terms in January of 2003 for those who had committed heinous crimes, […]

Laurent House in Rockford, IL (1949)

Laurent House exterior

Born Feb. 19, 1919, in McHenry County, Illinois to John P. and Elsie (Olsen) Laurent, Kenneth H. Laurent is a study in perseverance. After graduating from Belvedere High School, he moved to Rockford, Illinois in 1937 where he worked as a statistician for National Lock Corporation for forty-one years (his father also worked there, as […]