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George Smith House (1898)

George Smith House

The George Smith House last sold in March of 2023.  View the listing on Zillow here. Photo Credit: “George W. Smith House” by Teemu008 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Wright’s Early Career Historic Oak Park, Illinois boasts 23 structures either designed or remodeled by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Of those 23, one is his original home and […]

Thomas Gale House (1892)

Thomas Gale House

The Thomas Gale House is a historic house located on Chicago Avenue in Oak Park, Illinois. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1892 and is one of his earliest works. The house is a Queen Anne style structure with a high-pitched roof, octagonal dormers, and a bay window. It is made of wooden […]

Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio (1889)

Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio

A hulking, massive and somewhat odd structure that seems almost cobbled together from large geometric shapes, the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio really represents what might be considered a testing ground for Wright’s inventive and imaginative genius that was developed over a period of some twenty years in his early career. This was the […]

Unity Temple (1906)

Unity Temple

Photo Credit: “Unity Temple” by Teemu008 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. During the very late 1800s, Frank Lloyd Wright became increasingly innovative in terms of his architectural style; this period was the beginning of what came to be known as Wright’s Prairie style. Inspired by the low and mostly flat landscape of the Midwest, the Prairie style home, […]

Parker House (1892)

Parker House

The Parker House is one of three houses along Chicago Avenue in Oak Park which have come to be known as American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Bootleg Houses.” The triplet of houses includes the Thomas H. Gale House and the Walter Gale House as well as the Parker House and they were designed by Wright […]

Beachy House (1906)

beachy house south

Dr. Peter Fahrney – whose wealth resulted from the manufacture and patenting of medicines – had five children: four sons and a daughter, Susan Emma. After two children and a failed marriage, Susan Emma met and, in 1901, married Peter Beachy. Beachy worked as a financial auditor with her father’s company, and the couple lived […]

Arthur Heurtley House (1902)

Heurtley House

Another in a long and impressive list of homes designed in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Arthur Heurtley House was constructed in 1902 and is perhaps one of the earliest examples of a full-on Prairie-Style home; many believe it to be one of Wright’s greatest residential designs. This page may […]