Jorgine Boomer Cottage

The Jorgine Boomer House is adjacent to the Adelman property. Supposedly the Adelmans and Boomers met at the nearby Biltmore Hotel and often played bridge together and sometimes with Mamie Eisenhower.

Exterior of the Adelman House

Mountain Cottage in the Desert

Two stories in height with an equilateral parallelogram foot­print and built around a central chimney flue, the home was designed as what Wright called a "mountain cottage". It is a just over 1400 square feet, but has separate servant's and chauffeur's quarters. Built from desert rubble and wood sheathing, the home faces north -- away from the hot summer sun of the Arizona desert. It bears a vague resemblance to the Walker Residence in Carmel, CA.

Boomer Cottage

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Boomer Cottage

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Prow of house


5808 N. 30th Street
Phoenix, Arizona

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The Adelman House and the Boomer Cottage are located on the same street.



Privately owned and not available for tours.


Hotel Mavens: Lucius M. Boomer, George C. Boldt and Oscar of the Waldorf  

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