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Frank Lloyd Wright became a master at using the textures and raw materials of the earth to create a home that seemed "grounded."  The rooms he designed -- although often austere in feel  -- were nonetheless open, uncluttered and full of rich, warm colors that gave depth and character to the home.  In many instances, Wright designed everything in the home to coordinate, from the design in the carpet to the glass patterns in lamps and windows.

Architecture and home design have always fascinated me.  As a young girl I enjoyed drawing floor plans, rearranging my parent's furniture and playing with Lincoln Logs and Legos.  In my twenties, I worked with my father in construction and helped in numerous remodeling jobs.  My passion has always been the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright; since I have been old enough to drive a car, I have visited Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the Chicagoland area and attended the Wright Plus house walks.  As my appetite for Wright's architecture has grown, I have also begun to visit homes and buildings in other parts of the country -- there is so much to see and experience. 

One of Frank Lloyd Wright's driving forces was the desire to create function over form in his designs -- indeed, he felt that form would arise out of function rather than vice-versa.  Take the time to visit even one of his designs and you will understand the meaning of that desire.  This website was created to give fellow Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiasts an online guide to learning about and visiting the homes and buildings he designed.  I hope you enjoy your visit!



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