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Sidney Bazett House (1938)

bazett house
"Bazett House by Carl L. Thurman University of Northern Iowa" by Carl L. Thurman, University of Northern Iowa is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Hillsborough, California, lies a unique architectural gem – the Sidney Bazett House. Designed by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright in 1939, this hexagonal-shaped home embodies his iconic Usonian style.

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Hexagon Patterns

Characterized by its emphasis on functionality and connection with nature, the Bazett House features red concrete floors with a scored hexagon pattern, reflecting the building’s geometric motif.  Despite its original purpose as a residence for the Bazett family, the house ultimately played a pivotal role in shaping the work of another prominent architect, Joseph Eichler.

Renting the home during its early years, Eichler became deeply influenced by Wright’s Usonian principles. This experience would later inspire him to develop and market his own line of affordable, modernist homes, bringing a touch of Wright’s vision to a wider audience.


101 Reservoir Rd, Hillsborough, CA

Places to Stay near Hilsborough

The Bazett House is not too far from San Francisco and the San Francisco airport (SFO). With it’s proximity to these places, there are a number of great places to stay while you check out various FLW sites!

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