Arthur Mathews House

Located in a quiet Atherton, California neighborhood and barely visible from the street, the home is so well-hidden that one could easily walk past it, never knowing it is there. Typical of Wright’s structures, the red brick and wood Usonian-style design is definitely one with the surrounding landscape; the ancient oak trees are serpent-like, watching over the Wisteria Way entrance. Designed in 1950, the structure has a diamond-shape layout with two separate and parallel wings that are connected at an angle by a dining area and central workspace which nicely frame a large terrace with a wall of windows.

Mathews House

Little Known

There are built-ins, constructed of Philippine mahogany, but interestingly, none of the contained Wright-designed furniture was built specifically for the home. There does exist for the home a set of eight blueprints, which were sold at auction in 2013.

Unfortunately, little is known about the Mathews family. But according to a post on

“A quick public records search indicates one family other than the Matthews living in the house in the 1960s; a sale in 1969 for $75,000; and another family living in the house now. Trulia, not always very reliable, estimates the market value at $3.2m.”

Mathews House

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Mathews House


83 Wisteria Way
Atherton, California

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Privately owned.  No tours available.

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