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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian style of architecture is a type of modern architecture that was designed to be affordable and efficient. It is characterized by its use of simple materials, such as concrete blocks and wood, and its open floor plans. Usonian homes are typically one-story, with a low-pitched roof and a large amount of natural light. They are often located on large, rural plots of land, and they are designed to be harmonious with their natural surroundings.

Wright believed that Usonian homes should be “organic” in their design, meaning that they should be shaped by the natural contours of the land on which they are built. He also believed that they should be “democratic” in their layout, meaning that they should be open and flexible, with multiple spaces that can be used for different purposes.

Wright designed over 1,000 Usonian homes, and many of them are still in use today. They are a testament to his genius and his commitment to creating affordable, beautiful, and sustainable homes for the American people.

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parkwyn sign

McCartney House (1949)

Frank Lloyd Wright’s McCartney House, nestled in Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Parkwyn Village, stands as a testament to the architect’s innovative Usonian home design. Built in 1949

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Grant House exterior

Grant House (1946)

Located on a dead-end street and not easy to find, the house looks to be a single-story. Like most Wright designs though, all is not

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