FLW Sites on UNESCO world heritage list

On July 7, 2019, UNESCO announced the addition of eight Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings to the United Nations' list of the world's most significant cultural and natural sites. Click on links below to view more photos and explore more about each building's history, location and to obtain tour information.


Unity Temple "Frank Lloyd Wright - Unity Temple" by TeresaHsu is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

1906 - Unity Temple

861 Lake Street, Oak Park, Illinois

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The Robie House

1909 - Frederick Robie House

5757 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Located on what is now the campus of the University of Chicago in Hyde Park, Wright designed in 1908-1909 what may be the greatest example of the Prairie School style. Frank Lloyd Wright himself called his design for Robie House “a source of world-wide architectural inspiration.”

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1911 - Taliesin

Route 23, Spring Green, Wisconsin

Frank Lloyd Wright was, in addition to a master architect, an incredible landscaper as well. He felt that a structure should be a part of the land, rather than an encumbrance upon it. Taliesin is so well tucked into the hillside, it is difficult to believe just how large it really is...

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Hollyhock House
"Hollyhock House, FLW" by magicredshoes is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 

1921 - Aline Barnsdall "Hollyhock" House

4808 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

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1936 - Fallingwater

State Highway 381, Mill Run, Pennsylvania

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Herbert Jacobs House

1936-1937 - Herbert Jacobs I House

441 Toepfer Street, Madison, Wisconsin

Described as “the purest and most famous application of Wright's Usonian concepts”, the first Jacobs House – there were actually two – (Designed and constructed for Herbert and Katherine Jacobs House in 1936-1937) was built in 1937. Jacobs I is considered by most to be the first of many Usonian homes that Frank Lloyd Wright eventually designed and built.

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Taliesin West

1937 - Taliesin West

12621 Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, Scottsdale, Arizona

In Wright's own words, Taliesin West would be "a look over the rim of the world", serving as an architectural laboratory for him for the next 20 years.

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Guggenheim Museum
"The Guggenheim" by angela n. is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

1956 - Guggenheim Museum

1071 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York

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