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Oak Park, Illinois

Oak Park, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago that is home to many of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most celebrated architects in American history. Wright lived and worked in Oak Park from 1889 to 1909, and during that time he designed more than 20 houses, as well as a number of other buildings, including churches, schools, and studios.

Wright’s work in Oak Park is characterized by its use of organic forms, its emphasis on natural light, and its integration of the indoors with the outdoors. His houses are often described as “prairie houses” because they were designed to blend in with the surrounding prairie landscape. Wright’s use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, also helped to create a sense of harmony between his buildings and the natural world.

Today, Oak Park is a popular tourist destination for those interested in Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust operates several historic sites in Oak Park, including Unity Temple, and the Home and Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Trust also offers a variety of tours and programs that explore Wright’s life and work.

Unity Temple

Unity Temple (1906)

Photo Credit: “Unity Temple” by Teemu008 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. During the very late 1800s, Frank Lloyd Wright became increasingly innovative in terms of his architectural style;

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Parker House

Parker House (1892)

The Parker House is one of three houses along Chicago Avenue in Oak Park which have come to be known as American architect Frank Lloyd

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George Smith House

George Smith House (1898)

The George Smith House last sold in March of 2023.  View the listing on Zillow here. Photo Credit: “George W. Smith House” by Teemu008 is licensed under CC

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beachy house south

Beachy House (1906)

Dr. Peter Fahrney – whose wealth resulted from the manufacture and patenting of medicines – had five children: four sons and a daughter, Susan Emma.

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