Movies Filmed in Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings

A different way to experience a Frank Lloyd Wright building is to watch movies!  Many movies, music videos and commercials have been filmed in various FLW buildings across the country. Below, you'll find a list of the movies that have scenes that were filmed in Wright-designed buildings organized by location. In many instances, you can watch the original movie trailer by clicking on the movie name below.

Know of ones that we missed?  Let us know and we'll add them to the list.



Aline Barnsdall "Hollyhock" House - 1921

4808 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Mabel & Charles Ennis House - 1923

2655 Glendower Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Sowden House - 1926

Built by Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright's son)

Arch Oboler Complex - 1940

32436 West Mullholland Highway, Malibu, California


  • 5ive - (1951)
    Susan Douglas, William Phipps, Arch Oboler (Director, Producer)
  • Twilight (1998)
    Stars Paul Newman, Gene Hackman, Susan Sarandon & James Garner
    The movie has scenes that were filmed at the Arch Oboler Complex as well as Lautner's Jacobsen house. (Note: This Twilight not to be confused with any of the vampire movies!)

Wilbur Pearce House - 1950

5 Bradbury Hills Road, Bradbury, California


The Walker House

Della Walker House - 1951

Scenic Road at Martin Street, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Marin County Civic Center

Marin County Civic Center - 1957

North San Pedro Road, San Rafael, California
  • Gattaca (1997)
    Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law

New York

Guggenheim Museum

1071 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York

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Inspired Movies

The movies below were not filmed in Wright residences but were in some way Wright-inspired and still worth a look!

The Meereen scenes in Game of Thrones appear to be inspired by Wright's Mayan Revival period.

The Fountainhead is based on a novel by Ayn Rand.  There is some debate as to whether the main character, Howard Roark might have been inspired by Wright.

North By Northwest The Vandamm House in the movie is not a Wright home nor a real house at all.  However, it was designed to resemble a Wright's Fallingwater.

John Lautner was an apprentice of Wright and built many homes in Southern California which are featured in the movies below:

Diamonds Are Forever 

The Elrod House which is Blofeld's home in the movie is a Lautner-designed home in Palm Springs.

The Big Lebowski was filmed at Lautner's  Sheats-Goldstein Residence.

The Amazon series, The Man in The High Castle also features some Wright-like structures.  Join the discussion on our Facebook page to help us determine which building it is.