Wright's Apprentices

Frank Lloyd Wright designed more than 1000 structures in his lifetime, many of which are still standing today. His iconic homes, churches, sculptures, windows, furniture and much more, come from the mind of a man who undoubtedly was decades ahead of his time; this from a man who was mostly self-taught.

While Wright's work and creative genuis is an incredible achievment in and of itself, it is also important that one understands just how far Wright’s influence was cast. I was once told – upon the passing of an exceptional person – that as long as anyone whose life he so positively touched was still alive, he would not be forgotten. And so it is with Frank Lloyd Wright.

He touched so many lives in so many positive ways, it is impossible for the famous architect to ever be forgotten. It is indeed unfortunate that some of the very lives touched by Wright are often themselves forgotten. But by remembering the lives of those so-influenced, reinforced is the importance of the great architectural master.

I am speaking specifically of those who were apprentices of Wright, of those who were so influenced by Wright’s designs and desire for perfection, they emulated his work, adding their own expression to their own designs. Through them, Wright's legacy and vision for organic architecture lives on and evolves. We present to you a few of the many apprentices – and some of Wright’s progeny – as well as some of their structures. This should in no way indicate a diminishment of the greatness of Frank Lloyd Wright; indeed, it only elevates the man to a higher lever of achievement - that of teacher and mentor.

Don Erickson

Don Erickson

Apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright from 1948-1951
(Photo Courtesy: Karyn L. Erickson)


E. Fay Jones

Apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright in 1953


Lloyd Wright

Son of Frank Lloyd Wright