About This Site

This site organizes Frank Lloyd Wright buildings by location. The Sites button appears at the top of each page and when clicked, a map of the United States will appear. On The Sites page, choose a state directly from the map or the list of states that appears to the right.

Navigating The State Pages

The Frank Lloyd Wright buildings for each state are listed together in chronological order. 

More Information

This link will direct you to a page specifically about the building with photos, links, resources, tour information, address and much more.


Some buildings are open to the public for tours and these buildings will be indicated with a red tour ticket.  Click on the "Learn More" link for additional information.

 and opens in a new window. Here you can also obtain directions or


Some Frank Lloyd Wright buildings are available for overnight stays.  These links will take you directly to a page where you can check availability and rates.  Try it here for the Elam House (Opens in new browser window): Check Rates and Availability

For Sale

Occasionally, some Wright homes come on the market.  This link will guide you to the listing which is usually a unique opportunity to see interior photos of a home.