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Farther east, we located the Norman Lykes House in the hills.  It is an incredible design based on circles coming from a time very late in Frank Lloyd Wright's life when had embraced the geometry of circles.  The sketches for the house were the last to come from the great architect; he died in April of 1959 before the design was complete.  He had however, spoken to an apprentice (John Rattenbury) about the designs and, upon Wright's death, Rattenbury finished the design and made working drawings.  Although they loved the design, the Lykeses waited another seven years to build it; it is however, located on the original site.

The 2800 square foot design is rather futuristic-looking, wrapping around and seemingly into the mountain itself.  A new owner took possession in 1994 and hired John Rattenbury to make some significant changes to the house, including enlarging the master bedroom, combining two other bedrooms into a guest room and converting a workshop into a home theater.  Even at the end of Wright's life and career, he still adhered to his philosophy of organic architecture that blend with its surroundings.




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