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The Carlson House was located not far from the First Christian we had visited the other day; fortunately, the address given was correct.  In the case of many of the Wright properties, some due diligence and much patience must be applied in order to locate a particular property.  In this case, the location was a major disappointment: trees and a significant fence hid the entire home and surrounding property of the original owner Raymond Carlson, who, after graduating from Stanford University, got a job with the Arizona Highway department and ultimately became editor of the Arizona Highways Magazine. 

Few pictures of the home are available (there are some really nice photos here), but I would suggest you not waste your time looking for this one.  Unless you are invited inside by appointment, there is literally nothing that can be seen of the four-by-four posts and Masonite infill panels described in the Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide.  It did undergo extensive renovation recently (circa 2005) to the tune of about $1 million...




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