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Journey to Taliesin West

Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort
Arizona Biltmore
Waldorf Astoria Resort

The Boulders, A Waldorf Astoria Resort The Boulders, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
South Carolina


There are 11 Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.  Tours are available at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Taliesin West, the David Wright House and the Gammage Auditorium.  (Buildings are listed by year built.)  Click on a building below to view more photos and learn more about its history and location.

  • Arizona Biltmore Hotel (1929)
    Wright always had a penchant for using indigenous materials in his projects.  Pre-cast concrete "Biltmore Blocks" that were designed by McArthur and molded on-site were the "Wright stuff" used in the construction of the Biltmore Hotel...

  • Taliesin West (1937)
    Originally known as the Taliesin Fellowship, the little "camp" of architects would grow into Taliesin West on the six hundred acres Wright purchased around 1937 at the foothills of the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale...

  • Carlson House (1950)
    In this case, the location was a major disappointment: trees and a significant fence hid the entire home and surrounding property of the original owner Raymond Carlson, who, after graduating from Stanford University...

  • Adelman House (1950)
    The Benjamin Adelman House was constructed circa 1952 from a design Wright had done in the 1940s.  The original floor plan called for a 700 square-foot main house with living and dining space, workspace, master bedroom, and bath, and a 500 square foot guest house behind the main house...

  • David Wright House (1951)
    Built in 1951 in Arcadia and designed apparently as part of a Frank Lloyd Wright magazine story circa 1948 on how to live in the desert southwest, the 2,200 square foot home sitting on two acres of land is also of a circular style...

  • Pieper House (1952)

  • Boomer Cottage (1953)
    Supposedly the Adelmans and Boomers met at the Biltmore Hotel and often played bridge together and sometimes with Mamie Eisenhower.  Two stories in height with an equilateral parallelogram foot­print and built around a central chimney flue, the home was designed as what Wright called a "mountain cottage"...

  • Price House (1954)
    In 1952, Price had visited Wright at Taliesin West to discuss building a multi-story building in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  The result was a commission to build the 19-story, 221-foot tall Price Tower.  Not long thereafter...

  • Lykes House (1959)
    A new owner took possession in 1994 and hired John Rattenbury to make some significant changes to the house...  Even at the end of Wright's life and career, he still adhered to his philosophy of organic architecture that blend with its surroundings...

  • Gammage Auditorium (1959)
    Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, considered by many to be the crowning jewel of ASU’s Tempe campus, is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s last designs and was constructed to be as acoustically perfect as possible.

  • First Christian Church (1972)
    His drawings were finished and made public in 1950.  The Seminary however, ceased its operations and the university was never built.  Permission was obtained from Wright's widow to use the plans for a new First Christian Church; construction began in 1971 and...



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